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Yueqing Great Wall Electroacoustics Factory is founded in 1993, has over 17 years of export experience,Our products include electric bells, fire bells, warning lights, sirens, time switches, electric whistles and doorbells. They are applied in the fields of police, scientific research, factory, school, traffic system, machine accessories and amusement.

We fully comply with ISO 9001 standards. Strict checking is carried out to ensure product performance. And we will continue to develop new products to meet the markets' demands and supply our customers with high quality products. OEM projects are also welcome....


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Telescopic road cone series

Traffic cones- road safety cone is used to alert drivers to potentially dangerous areas that they may be approaching.These units are designed for optimum visibility and maximum all-weather durability.CHANGDIAN offers different cone sizes from 15"-36" height,with reflective strip which is super visible at night or in dark or gloomy conditions...

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Warning Light

TMade from high quality resin, high strength, can adapt to bad environment, science of parabolic mirror the light spread to far away, rubber gasket, conforms to the IP55 protection grade, rainproof, dustproof . Using seismic incandescent bulbs .Application:Road Construction, Railway, Parking, Tunnel...

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Fire alarm series

The fire alarm linkage control system is widely used in small and medium-sized firefighting engineering, such as high-grade office building, residence community, department store, gymnasium, exhibition room, library, workshop, supermarket and hotels, factory, apartment, hospital, school, shopping mall, bank etc...

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2021 04.19

The fire alarm can be matched with the manual alarm button to form an emergency alarm system for the workshop and management area. The fire alarm bell is suitable for hotels, offices and